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OpenBoxes v0.6.7 released

It's been awhile since v0.6.6 was released (August 31).  I haven't had much time for new feature development, but have been trying to fix a few bugs as well as providing support for several new users.  The next few months should be a little more productive and I'll try to add our Road Map to the website so that I can get some feedback on what we should be working on. In addition to a few bug fixes, this latest version comes with some improvements to the Purchase Order workflow.  I'm hoping to spend a lot more time on Purchasing in the next few months and will be working closely with some of our users to figure out their immediate needs.  So please let me know if you have any feature requests or requirements you'd like taken into consideration.  As always feedback, bug reports, and feature requests can be created via GitHub . Or by clicking on the Feedback button the website. Click on the link below to download and view release notes for the