OpenBoxes v0.6.3

OpenBoxes v0.6.3 has been released.

Release Notes - OpenBoxes - Version 0.6.3

Bug fixes

[OB-2966] - CreateProduct | Could not find matching constructor for: org.pih.warehouse.core.ApiException(java.lang.String) (org.springframework.webflow.execution.ActionExecutionException)
[OB-3046] - Delete Product | Cannot get property 'id' on null object (java.lang.NullPointerException)
[OB-3078] - Unparseable date: "01/févr./2014" (java.text.ParseException)
[OB-3087] - OpenBoxes default startup fails in development if using a copy of a production database
[OB-3092] - email-generated packing list showing incorrect quantity
[OB-3104] - Should allow user to remove tag value from spreadsheet without causing an error


[OB-3002] - Inventory Import | Should handle multiple expiration date format (yyyy-mm-dd)
[OB-3050] - Stock out indicator report should group by product group
[OB-3051] - Consumption report should include generic product
[OB-3086] - Should refresh megamenu when user switches locales
[OB-3090] - view product group on stock card
[OB-3094] - Add product group column to exports
[OB-3098] - Add manufacturer / vendor information back into inventory level import
[OB-1961] - List Shipments > Need to improve performance using pagination


[OB-3100] - Allow user to assign their own product code when creating a product
[OB-3101] - Allow user to download templates for importing data
[OB-3102] - Create an inventory snapshot fact table to keep track of QoH and other quantities by date
[OB-3105] - Allow admin to configure default role to be added when user signs up for an account


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